Office 1 headquarters Office 1 Superstores International Inc. (OFFICE 1) was founded in 1994 as a franchise retail chain selling office products and supplies. The company is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida with international operations managed from a central office and warehouse in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company uses multiple channels of distribution to reach customers such as stationery retail stores, telemarketing, direct mail, e-commerce and contract sales. The logo of OFFICE 1 communicates the company philosophy: All your office needs under one roof. To date there are OFFICE 1 stores or Ecommerce websites in 12 countries with OFFICE 1 recruiting master franchisees for market expansion .

In 2013, OFFICE 1 launched ChairPro, a specialized online shop offering a wide range of chairs, focusing on high-end ergonomic solutions combining sophisticated design and functionality, manufactured in the USA and Europe. A self standing showroom of 300m2 was launched in June 2016 on a major artery in Sofia. ChairPro websites are available in Bulgaria, , where ChairPro is a fully owned operation, as well as through joint ventures in Greece,, and Hungary. Chairpro has further plans for expansion in Europe through joint ventures and welcomes applications from interesting parties.

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