OFFICE 1 Buyers at the 112th Canton Fair in China

20 November 2012 China

OFFICE 1 buyers at the 112th Canton Fair in China

For a 2nd year in a row OFFICE 1 buyers attended China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, whose last session was held between October 15th and November 4th 2012 in Guangzhou, China.

Exhibitors from all over the world participated and a total of 188,145 visitors and buyers attended the Fair. Although it was reported that the number of participants and turnover fell around 10 % compared to the previous spring session, the percentage of returned visitors rose over 8 %, which underlines the great commercial value of the event.

OFFICE 1 International team members representing the OFFICE 1 China Export department visited the fair accompanied by buying teams from OFFICE 1 Indonesia.

This year’s visit was driven by the intent of OFFICE 1 International to expand its product assortment, distributed from China, as well as to offer its master franchisees, joint venture partners and distributors better purchasing terms and costs.

The company has developed and exports a product mix of two thousand high quality OEM products as well as items branded by some of the leading China manufacturers. 

OFFICE 1 Ecommerce Site Launches in the Czech Republic

25 September 2012

OFFICE 1 International Joint Venture with Micos, spol. s r.o. recently launched its E-commerce website – This is the third of the OFFICE 1 JV Partner Program focusing on online trade in developed markets.

The e-shop features the latest trends in design and functionality offering Czech consumers the convenience of online shopping with fast and free delivery of orders over 1200 CZK (49€) as well as secure online payment through PayU, the leading operator of online payments in the Czech Republic.

The website offers a large assortment of 14000 SKU’s. at unbeatable prices.

Please go to: to preview the new website.

OFFICE 1 Czech Republic E-Shop

OFFICE 1 New E-shop Launch in Greece

13 August 2012

Despite the economic and political crisis in Greece rocking the country the OFFICE 1’s Master Franchisee, Office One Hellas SA has managed not only to survive during these tough times, but to grow.

The company recently launched a brand new e-commerce website to complement its retail operation. Featuring the latest design and functionality improvements, the OFFICE 1 e-shop will offer a wide selection of quality office products to consumers and corporate customers who will benefit from the convenience of placing online orders quickly and securely, without leaving their homes or offices.

For more information about the new OFFICE 1 Greece e-shop, kindly visit

OFFICE 1 New E-shop Launch in Greece

Back to School Season is Coming

24 July 2012

One of the most important retail events of the year, the Back to School season is approaching. For this occasion OFFICE 1 marketing department has recently created a set of very attractive materials for all OFFICE 1 master franchisees and partners.

The marketing materials include a new design and arrangement of a promotional flyer, a poster, as well as a rich collection of banners for online advertising.

Back to School with Office 1

These materials and many more are available in OFFICE 1’s Marketing Library which main purpose is to give to all master franchisees and partners access to a huge source of various OFFICE 1 materials created around the world.

Mark Baccash outlines the OFFICE 1 E-commerce Program to

14 June 2012

Mark Baccash, OFFICE 1 International’s CEO, recently shared with “Visions & Trends”, a global stationery and office products publication, some of OFFICE 1’s forthcoming plans. The interview focused on web franchising concept which was developed to capitalize on the fast-growing ecommerce segment.

Mark Baccash Interview for Visions & Trends

For more details about the interview, kindly follow the link:

OFFICE 1 Master Franchisees Conference 2012

04 May 2012

OFFICE 1 Rome Conference

The OFFICE 1 annual Global Conference took place on April, 27th in Rome, Italy. It was attended by master franchisees and joint venture partners from ten countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.

The theme of this year’s Conference, organized and hosted with the logistics support of OFFICE 1 Italy, was “The New Office 1 and the New Age of e-commerce.” Conferees were updated on the latest developments and improvements of the OFFICE 1 E-commerce platform, already running in eight countries and were updated on some of the newest developments at OFFICE 1 such as its newly formed and fully staffed e-commerce Division, the Web Associates Program, Store in Store concept, and the new CES program (Corporate E-Solutions Services).

This conference was an opportunity for all OFFICE 1 team members to get updated, meet with each other and exchange views and experiences from all over the world. The conference ended with a dinner at a venue near the Pantheon which ended up late into the night after much toasts and libations.

Following the conference, there are firm plans for expansion of the OFFICE 1 E-commerce platform in Turkey, Czech Republic, Libya and Indonesia.

For more pictures from the Conference please go to the OFFICE 1 International fan page on Facebook.

OFFICE 1`s Director European Operations Promoted to Managing Director Worldwide

24 April 2012 International

Radostin Kirilov, Managing Director Worldwide

Mr. Radostin Kirilov, who has been with OFFICE 1 for 11 years, most recently as Director European Operations, has just been promoted to the newly created position of Managing Director Worldwide at the European Headquarters of OFFICE 1 International.

Mr. Kirilov started his career as Store Manager in 2001 at OFFICE 1 Bulgaria. Three years later he joined OFFICE 1 International as Marketing Coordinator.

His promotion to Managing Director Worldwide is a recognition for his contribution to the growth of OFFICE 1 in launching many countries with innumerable stores during his tenure. In his new function, Radostin will be responsible for OFFICE 1’s global marketing and operations activities while also managing its investments in the Ecommerce Joint Ventures in France, Germany and the Czech Republic.

This promotion specifically recognizes his leadership and accomplishments in the transformation of OFFICE 1 from a retailer based company to a future oriented one deeply focused on Ecommerce and fully capable of assisting and supporting the company’s master franchisees and partners as they compete and gain recognition in the new Ecommerce environment. 

Mark Baccash in Top 100 OP Resellers 2012

18 April 2012

Every year OPI Magazine publishes a list of the Top 100 executives from leading resellers, wholesalers and dealer groups in the office products world. OPI’s goal is to reflect trends in this industry as well as to highlight the key players who influence the OP market.  

OFFICE 1 International’s CEO, Mark Baccash, has shared this honor for the 5th year running. Please take a look at this featured article from OPI Magazine. The full list can be downloaded from the OPI website

Mark Baccash in OPI Top 100


OFFICE 1 Haiti Grand Opening

09 February 2012

OFFICE 1 Haiti Grand Opening

OFFICE 1 Haiti officially launched on January 18th, 2012.

Located in a high traffic area just outside the city center of Port-au-Prince, the new store offers to business and consumers a wide product assortment at unbeatable prices. In addition, the clients will benefit from the convenience of placing orders by phone or fax and free delivery.

OFFICE 1 Haiti celebrated its Grand Opening with special promotions and a 15% discount covering the whole assortment. More than 20 journalists attended the event which was covered by leading TV stations, newspapers and websites.

Future plans call for the launch of the OFFICE 1 e-commerce platform, a first for this emerging market.

OFFICE 1 Haiti Grand Opening

The above photograph taken on opening day features Mark Baccash, OFFICE 1 International CEO as well as Claudel Dumas OFFICE 1 Haiti General Manager surrounded by his management staff.

For more pictures from the event please go to OFFICE 1 Haiti Grand Opening on Facebook.

Women Leaders at OFFICE 1

30 January 2012

Women Leaders at OFFICE 1

As we all know women rule the office. They are the ones who more often than men do take the decisions regarding purchasing of office products and keep offices organized. They also run companies. If we say that in many firms it is still difficult for women leaders to be promoted to the highest management levels, in OFFICE 1 it is quite the opposite. Many of our Master Franchise operations are managed by very successful women leaders.

We would like to reveal their stories and philosophy and hope they will serve as inspiration for young and ambitious individuals. With this in mind we have started publishing blitz interviews with the amazing female General Managers of OFFICE 1 in 7 countries under the heading “Women Leaders at OFFICE 1”.

The first two interviews of Mrs. Darja Figelj of OFFICE 1 Slovenia and Mrs. Ingrida Jablonske of OFFICE 1 Lithuania are already published and can be found on the OFFICE 1 Facebook page

Glenn Reed Takes the Lead of OFFICE 1 Indonesia

23 January 2012

Mr. Glenn ReedMr. Glenn Reed who has been with OFFICE 1 since 1996, most recently as VP Operations worldwide, has wrapped things in the US to join OFFICE 1 Indonesia as General Manager reporting to Prabowo Widya Krisnadi, President Director of the Kawan Lama Group, a publicly held company and OFFICE 1 master franchisee.

Additionally Mr. Reed will be counseling and guiding in the building of a state of the arts Logistics Center in Jakarta to reflect the greatly expanded and ambitious plans of Kawan Lama in B to B and Ecommerce.

This is not the first time that Glenn has packed his bags and picked up assignments away from headquarters. He was the GM of OFFICE 1 Italy from 2003 to 2007 and thereafter head of OFFICE 1 China in 2007-2008.

During all his years of service, Mr. Reed has always been in the thick of battle where the stakes were highest and utmost gallantry and hard work were required. His move to Jakarta is a reflection of the growing importance of this populous and fast growing country and the great potential it holds for OFFICE 1 International.

I have been proud and happy to be associated with Glenn all these years and am grateful to him for the numberless stores he launched in his long, loyal and productive career. May he continue to do great things and never lose his lust for adventure!” – said Mr. Mark Baccash, CEO of OFFICE 1 Superstores International Inc.

OFFICE 1 Indonesia

OFFICE 1 Explores Scandinavia and Russia

29 November 2011

OFFICE 1 Superstores International  contracted Agema Consulting AS,  a Norwegian consulting agency specialising in restructuring, turnarounds, M&A and assisting companies in entering new markets, to help it locate Scandinavian and Russian Master Franchisees and Joint Venture partners.

Agema Consulting AS already met with several contract stationers in the Russian regions of Krasnodar, Samara, St. Petersburg. It is expected that this search will result in the appointment of a master franchisee or regional developers for these areas.

OFFICE 1 Business Visit In Indonesia

24 November 2011

Business review meeting in Jakarta attended last week by Tasya Widyakrishnadi, OFFICE 1 Indonesia Project Leader, Radostin Kirilov, Director of Operations, and Mark Baccash, CEO, in what is undoubtedly OFFICE 1 latest and most beautiful superstore in the world.

Left to right: Radostin Kirilov, Tasya Widyakrishnadi, Mark Baccash.

Left to right: Tasya Widyakrishnadi, Mark Baccash.

For more interesting photos from OFFICE 1 Indonesia, please visit our Facebook fan page.

OFFICE 1 Regional Meeting in Bulgaria

15 November 2011

OFFICE 1 Regional Meeting in Bulgaria

A regional meeting took place recently in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was attended by the OFFICE 1 Master Franchisees of Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and the OFFICE 1 International Team headed by Mr. Mark Baccash, CEO of the company.

The meeting’s main objective was to review the latest developments and improvements in the OFFICE 1 E-Commerce Platform and Associate Program already up and running in France and Germany

Following the meeting, Greece will be the first country to launch the E-Commerce project by end year followed by Italy sometime in 2012.


OFFICE 1 TEAM meets JV Candidates in Switzerland and Austria

10 November 2011

OFFICE 1 TEAM meets JV Candidates in Switzerland and Austria

At end October, 2011, Messrs Mark and Julian Baccash, respectively CEO and Director of Strategic Planning OFFICE 1 Superstores International Inc., attended a series of preliminary meetings arranged by the US Department of Commerce at the American Embassies of Bern and Vienna with the objective of meeting appropriate Joint Venture partners to launch the OFFICE 1 e-Shop platform and Associate Program in these countries.  

OFFICE 1 E-shop Launch in Germany

11 October 2011

Left to right behind notary public: Herbert König, Board member Aristik; Dieter Schlautek, Board member Aristik; Volker Schlautek: GM of Office1 E-Shop Germany; Julian Baccash, Director New Markets Office 1 International; Mark Baccash, CEO Office 1 International

OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. announced the launch of its third E-Commerce Joint Venture – in Germany. The agreement was officially signed on 4th of October, 2011.

OFFICE 1’s Joint Venture partner is Aristik, a contract dealer and logistics supplier and national distributor of Canon, Lexmark, Brother and Xerox.

The website is already up and running and provides a wide selection of products at unbeatable prices. For more information please visit the new OFFICE 1 E-Shop at

OFFICE 1 New Master Franchisee in Cyprus

08 September 2011

OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. announced a new OFFICE 1 Master Franchise in Cyprus. The agreement was officially signed on 30th August, 2011 in Nicosia, North Cyprus.

The Master Franchisee, E&C Trade Company founded in June, 2011 specializes in general trade including stationery, electronics and construction. The Office 1 Cyprus General Manager is Mrs. Emete Gözügüzelli Civan.

An accomplished journalist and President of many civil organizations dealing with Democracy and Human Rights, Mrs. Civan together with her husband Mr. Civan, a distinguished architect, will be launching a 220 m2 store in Nicosia in early 2012.

In Mrs Gözügüzelli’s own words: “Our company has some important missions: to focus on all people who live in our state and to provide them with many services which can improve the quality of their lives. Social responsibility is another target of our company. The opening of OFFICE 1 Superstores in North Cyprus will create jobs and is a step in the right direction in fulfilling our goals.” – said Mrs. Civan.

Future plans call for the launch of the innovative OFFICE 1 Store in Store concept and a strong B2B program directed at large businesses and government.

OFFICE 1 Indonesia Midnight Sale Huge Success!

05 August 2011

On July 23rd and 24th, OFFICE 1 Indonesia celebrated a pre-Ramadan Midnight Sale with every single product in the store discounted after 8 PM. Hundreds of customers thronged the store to take advantage of the deep discounts resulting in long waiting lines and a carnival like atmosphere.

OFFICE 1 launches E-shop Web Stations

18 July 2011

OFFICE 1 just added an innovative retail twist to its e-shop markets around the world. The E-Shop Web Stations provide a sign-up opportunity to customers visiting bookstores, copy centers, electronic stores and other high traffic retailers to order on line from the OFFICE 1 e-shop large assortment of office products and services.

Hosting retailers, without adding to space or stock, earn important commissions on Internet sales taking place in their stores while OFFICE 1 takes care of the logistics and customer service and provides free kiosk, signing and promotional materials.

Web Station in Bookstore

Web Station in Bookstore

Web Station in Copy Center

Web Station in Copy Center

OFFICE1 Philippines launches its 8th Store

13 July 2011

OFFICE 1 Philippines’s newest store is located along the bustling street of Timog Avenue in Quezon City. This addition outside Manila, in the Philippines’ second largest city, firmly establishes OFFICE 1 as a national brand after less than two years in the market.

With a little over 150m2 and conveniently located near businesses and retail establishments, the store has just the right size and product mix to service its various customers’ requirements.

OFFICE 1 Timog is located on the Ground Floor of the Toyama Group Center at 22 Timog Ave. For more information about the location of other OFFICE 1 stores please visit