2010 Office 1 E-Shop launch in France

04 May 2010

Office 1 E-shop

(West Palm Beach, Florida.) -- OFFICE 1 SUPERSTORES INTERNATIONAL Inc. today announced the launch in France of its first Web-Franchising joint venture.

OFFICE 1’s joint venture partners are Romain Zwiller, owner of two office products superstores in Aubiere, France and Celia Zwiller, an E-Commerce entrepreneur and owner of a site selling a vast assortment of office chairs at:  www.direct-siege.com

This will be the first purely E-commerce joint venture for OFFICE 1 and a test of its new web-franchising concept. OFFICE 1 franchisees will operate stockless and store-less utilizing the OFFICE 1 E-Shop platform from which to sell to customers with Soft-Carrier acting as the logistics supplier.

Further entries though joint ventures in other major European markets are programmed for 2011 and it is expected that a number of OFFICE 1 master franchisees in existing markets will add web-franchising to their traditional retail franchises starting with Italy and Ireland.

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